Success with respect.

Nowhere is the impact of respect more measurable than in our everyday professional lives. 


Talent Management

Unlock the potential of your company

When it comes to winning new customers, strengthening or even expanding existing customer relationships in sales, respectful cooperation can be the key to success.

The impact of respect is significant when exemplified daily as a basic element in the collegial environment and as a crucial factor in leadership. Respect can improve our team relationships and thus increase productivity and creativity. An added value for every company.

Respectful interaction in the employee-manager relationship can increase job satisfaction and thus significantly reduce staff turnover and the resulting costly induction of new employees. A good feeling for everyone involved in the company.

Last but not least, a respectful connection to oneself, one's own performance and self-confidence are stronger. The basis for any personal success.


Did you know?

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More empathy from the supervisor would make 92% of all employees not quit their job.

Source: Businesssolver

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43 % of over 2 000 workers cite company culture as the main reason for changing jobs.

Source: Hays

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76 % of workers surveyed look for a new job if they do not feel valued at their current job.

Source: Lifeworks survey

Solution with respect

I have the solution for you, because respect is something you can learn.

As a licensed respect trainer, I am convinced that among the 6 criteria for success, daily respectful interaction is the decisive tool for successful companies. And the good news is: respect costs nothing.

My 6 criteria for success:


E for result


R for Respect


F for focus


O for optimism


L for power


G for Community

The Respect Training® was developed by the rhetoric trainer and speaker René Borbonus.

Dear René, thank you very much for everything. 🙏🏻

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