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Respect - the most sustainable way to change your leadership and corporate culture

Respect plays a crucial role in all my formats. Respect is the lubricant of society and the engine of your success. My respect training provides you with the necessary tools and your personal emergency kit for smooth communication with your employees, superiors, customers and colleagues. You will gain self-confidence, be able to resolve conflicts more empathetically and learn to use your powers of persuasion.

My main topics for you at a glance:

Successful leadership with respect

Respectful interaction makes companies more productive and employees more satisfied. Constructive dialogue, healthy handling of praise and criticism and simplified problem solving are thus lived practice and are not just in the mission statement brochure. Respectful communication is one of the essential skills that every leader must master in today's world. Like any skill, it requires preparation and practice.

In a step-by-step guide, I will show you how to put people back at the centre of your leadership work and thus live up to your role model function. Contact me now and network. Book your consultation appointment today.

Successful sales with respect

When customers have a task or a problem to solve, they get a suitable concept to solve the task or problem, regardless of the sector. When? Immediately! How? Effortlessly, individually and at the best possible price! Learn together with me successful sales formats with which you can successfully accompany your customers across all communication and sales channels.

I show you in a step-by-step guide how to achieve sales success with good information and respectful communication. Contact me now and network. Book your consultation appointment today.

Successful Mindset with Respect

Which topic is your personal gamechanger? With my individual modular system you can choose your personal topic from a total of 28 topic areas that will lead you to more success and happiness. For the selected topic area, I give you 7-12 respectful tips which, if successfully implemented, will give you a lot of peace and strength in your A or B resources.

Under the motto "I'll be successful", I will provide you with excellent step-by-step instructions for sustainable change. Contact me now and network. Book your consultation appointment today.

Respectful with yourself - your resilient success factors

In today's world, we are confronted with a multitude of challenges that demand our attention and response on a daily basis. The rapid pace of globalisation, digitalisation, the ongoing consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic and geopolitical crises such as the Ukraine conflict constantly shape our personal and professional lives. This external pressure often leads to increased expectations and demands on individuals, which can overwhelm them. Therefore, it is important to find effective strategies to cope with these complex challenges. How can we still find our way in this constantly changing landscape and meet the demands?

I show you in a step-by-step guide how to make the best use of your 10 resilient success factors. Contact me now and network. Book your consultation appointment today.

My trainings are aimed at:


all those who conduct critique, target agreement and annual reviews

People who work with people

This is one of the things you learn in my respectful formats:

Giving feedback respectfully

Proper interview preparation

Straightforward argumentation

Clear and transparent communication

Saying no appreciatively

Mastering the disrespectfulness of everyday life

Create respect spaces in the company

Discover respectful formats

Formats by Tanja Küpper-Schlotmann

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