About TKS

You don't have to be a pig in this world....
...for the greatest possible success in your profession.

I am an owner, entrepreneur, investor, trainer, speaker and coach. I have a great deal of experience in all four fields of activity and am extremely successful.

I would describe myself as follows, (wink):
I am a little "crazy", because that is the characteristic of visionaries. I always keep the "focus", because that is the prerequisite of success. By "doing" I am unstoppable and "success" always remains one thing for me: the reward of hard work.

If you were to ask me: Do you sometimes have to "be a pig" on your path to success in order to get ahead?

My answer would be: No! Genuine respect does not have to be relegated to the university ethics seminar in order to take the steps up the path. We can wholeheartedly respect every other human being simply because he or she is a human being. When we meet each other with this attitude, it is the guarantor of mutual sustainable success in cooperation. Because genuine respect unleashes positive energy on both sides."

My 6 criteria for success:


E for result


R for Respect


F for focus


O for optimism


L for power


G for Community

Education and profession

Safety through competence - that is the slogan of the family business, which I have the honour of managing in the fifth generation. Fritz Manke GmbH stands for expertise in fire protection in NRW. The topic of security is, so to speak, the common thread in my life: As a banker, I gave people financial security. As a systemic coach, sales, behavioural, communication and motivation trainer, as well as change and organisational consultant, digital facilitator and resilience and respect trainer, I help you to master professional and private situations successfully and with security. To this end, I have completed more than 17 basic, advanced and further training courses and am allowed to pass these on as a regular lecturer, trainer and speaker for the largest German financial group, academies and associations, the association partners of the German savings banks, companies in the SME and industrial sectors, cities, schools and municipalities.

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