Coaching is a big word. It is based on respect, empathy and trust. Three values that are easy to express, but not always so easy to live. As a coach, this triad is my guiding principle.

I offer you long-term support in all life situations and accompany you on the way up. I, too, have gone through ups and downs in my life, mastered challenges and dealt with transformation again and again. Everything remains as it is - only completely different. Life and work overlap more and more. That's why I like to talk about work-life blending.

In order to unite the private and the professional, I place great emphasis on four building blocks: personality, life, career and health. The building blocks are interdependent.

I would like to guide you on your way to your own building blocks. My mentees benefit from my experience and strategies. In this way, they build a solid foundation for their personality and career in the long term. Unlike coaching, mentoring takes place over a long period of time. The goals of mentoring adapt to new challenges as they arise. The relationship between me and you is in the foreground.

The iceberg model in coaching

The relationship level makes up 80 per cent of interpersonal interaction, the factual level only 20 per cent. But in order to reach this factual level, the relationship level must first be filled. Mentoring starts at the relationship level. Thus, mentoring is the right method to fully exploit the factual level. Through bonding, trust and responsibility, the components of the relationship level, the factual level is made possible. Only in this way do we lead you step by step to your goals.

The exchange between us is free and unbiased. We work together constructively and in a goal-oriented way. I do not prescribe rules for you, rather I offer you orientation and classify topics. I suggest ways of proceeding and offer strategies. You decide, I support and accompany you. We are a team.

Encounters at eye level

Especially in times of change, people need guardrails to guide them. They need partners at eye level. I am happy to be your personal sparring partner and bring together the best of different worlds:

as an entrepreneur

as an investor

as a company owner

as Managing Director

as an employer

as a coach

as a trainer

My recipe for success is based on four life squares:

I stand for the holistic approach in all 4 squares. Together we set your inner compass to success - professionally and privately.

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